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Naman Mahipal

Naman Mahipal

Naman has had an inclination towards expressing imagination through Art from his early childhood days.


 He pursued my passion for Art from Apeejay Stya University and had a fervor for bringing alive his inspiration with emphasis on facial themes and expressions. Observing people’s emotions, reactions and poise fascinates him which is dominant in his creations across Art Forms.

His accentuation is creating Sculptures made out of wood and Steel which are his go to medium along with acrylics, charcoal pencils and ink for other art forms. He designs a 3d model from an abstract idea and then the journey of giving life to the physical embodiment begins.

Religious iconography is another recurring theme evident in his artwork inherited from his mother’s inclination towards spiritual teachings and wisdom which drives his inspiration towards the genre.


At 29 years, Naman’s works have been showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and various art centres across Dubai, HongKong and Singapore. Back Home in India, he has exhibited at the most renowned platform like India Art Festival, ID Design, India Habitat Centre, Modern Art Gallery, a few to name. Khushii Foundation, a prominent NGO is another organisation Naman is associated with.

Naman’s suffer from congenital hearing impairment and Art acts as the platform for his expression. Art not only assists others in experiencing the world from his perspective, but also helps him believe that his world is larger and beyond a mere medical shortcoming.