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Deval Ambani, the Founder and Principal Director at Obliq, is a dreamer, thinker and nature lover. She has developed a unique style of art through several years of material and media exploration. These pieces of art are therapeutic, impressing the visual and touch senses with myriad layers of transparent and opaque colours. Through her multidisciplinary studio she creates installations that blend into residential or commercial interiors, adding a touch of art and elegance through the myriad sculptural form it beholds.

The journey that led to Obliq started as an advertising career. After successfully developing campaigns, she found ime to invest in a new love for creating innovative décor products. A love that was discovered while undertaking courses at National Institute of Design, India’s premier design school. A love that led to the inception of Obliq Studio – a platform that allowed her to create conceptually strong and finely executed works of art.

“Décor design was a welcome and stimulating addition to my core skills of communication and graphic design. This combination of skills helps me to create works of passion that straddle different worlds. Work that makes clients smile in appreciation. Work that helps me bask in the warm glow of satisfaction. Work that keeps my thinking fresh.”