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Phad 6 – Kalyan Joshi

Phad 6 – Kalyan Joshi

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Phad painting is a traditional folk painting of religious themes, done in long scrolls and practiced in Rajasthan, a western state of India. This long piece of cloth or canvas, is known as Phad. Noted examples of this art are Devnarayan Ki Phad and Pabuji Ki Phad. The narratives of these folk deities of Rajasthan are depicted on the phads. The Bhopas, the priest-singers traditionally carry the painted phads along with them and use these as the mobile temples of the folk deities. The phads of Pabuji are normally about 15 feet in length, while the phads of Devnarayan are normally about 30 feet long. Traditionally the phads are painted with vegetable colors.

Artist:Kalyan Joshi
Brand: Eikowa


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Product Description


Size: 22” x 30”
Mixed Media, traditional


Please note that this artist’s traditional works are much in demand and its availability is not guaranteed till the order is confirmed by the artist.

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