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Siam Sawadee


Siam Sawadee represents authentic art from Chian Mai, Thailand. Their products are fully handcrafted, indigenous and represents the essence of Thai designs. However, it also draws on inspiration from similar woodwork seen in Bali, Morocco and the rest of Asia.
Celebrating the Thai heritage, Siam Sawadee creates a wide range of authentic, decorative pieces from the smallest delights to the most stunning garden sculptures, furniture and exquisite objects inspired by Buddhist and Hindu temples. Their signature products are the handcrafted wooden wall panels , headboards and Thai rice baskets which are offered through Shwayaa.
Using upcycled or reclaimed wood as an eco-friendly way to manufacture traditional crafts, Siam Sawadee uses designs inspired by nature, with attention to details passed down between generations of local craftsmen through the years.
Eva Neawmaung, a curator and photographer who appreciates Asian and bohemian home décor started Siam Sawadee 8 years ago . Her team has drawn appreciation from all over the world for the authenticity of their creations and a seamless delivery process from the factory to anywhere in the world.
Siam Sawadee takes its social commitments to heart, employing the local artistic community consisting of painters, carvers and casters with no middle men, creating a direct route from its beautiful South East Asian décor to your homes.