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About Us
Buy Luxury Home Decor at Shwayaa

About us

Shwayaa is a new online store that offers you carefully chosen home decor items from internationally known artisans and creators to enhance your personal space.

The brand is known for its vibrant interior design, which is cultivated with a strong desire to infuse your home with the best creative art and design from across the globe. Suja & Sabeena an architect-engineer team, are the company’s founders. They joined forces to rethink the process for acquiring designs.


Our ability to find high-end products inspires the team to work with international designers and artisans to reach their potential clients through cutting-edge and approachable retail technologies. Shwayaa is driven by a passion and an intention to create possibilities that enrich your lives with the uniqueness and diversity of the world’s beauty.

At Shwayaa, we provide classic, traditional, contemporary, and bohemian styles to suit all tastes. We are thrilled to welcome you to the world of Shwayaa and wish to convey the joy of building beautiful homes via the selection of our products, which are driven by quality and aesthetics.


To collaborate with Shwayaa, you can contact us via email:

[email protected]

[email protected]