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Mithila-Sujani Art

Mithila-Sujani Art

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Artistic Sujani Art wallpaper displaying traditional Mithila-Sujani scenes in pastel hues, infusing the room with cultural elegance and a touch of folklore.


Sujani Art is a traditional embroidery narrating stories with simple stitches into patchwork quilts. Originating in the villages of Bhusri in Bihar, India, this rural art form has spread across mediums, keeping the style of depicting humans and village life.

“Mithila”, a wallpaper that weaves together the artistry of Sujani Art with the vibrant tapestry of rural life in the heartland of Mithila. This wallpaper is a tribute to the enduring traditions of Mithila, where art and daily life are seamlessly intertwined. It’s a window into the soul of Mithila and each stroke paints a vivid picture of the rustic beauty that thrives in Mithila’s countryside.

Customised orders for sizes, colours and themes can be provided. Kindly use the Request More option and you will be contacted for details within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Available in 3 colours: Sage (pic), Deep green, Rusty Yellow

Minimum order is 50 square feet.

Please select the paper type and provide the required area of the wallpaper from the options above.

Manufacturer: Life n Colors




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Product Description

Please ensure that your delivery address is correct before creating the order. Please note that there can be no change to the delivery address once the order is placed.

The standard orders in general will be delivered within 14 days in India.

Time taken for export orders will depend on the delivery address and approximate time will be conveyed to the customer at the time of export.

Size for Order: This wallpaper comes in rolls, width ranging from 36-44 inches (  91cm x 111 cm). Place these systematically to create a seamless pattern using a glue suitable for wallpaper fixing.

Understand the area of the wall or ceiling to have wallpaper (length x height). Typically, we recommend adding an extra 5-10% to your required area to account for inaccurate measurements, pattern matching and wastage during installation. For instance, if you need 98 sqft of material, it’s advisable to add around 10% and purchase the closest size available, which would be 110 sqft.

We recommend that the wallpaper fixing is done by trained installers since it requires overlap matching and cutting.

Transportation costs within India is free. Delivery address outside India will incur shipping costs, as provided at checkout.


8 years for Indoor use.

Cleaning :

Wipe with a dry or lightly moist cloth to remove dust. Do not use soap or cleaning chemicals.

Paper selection:

Sunehri is an exclusive range with special paper finishes. Mithila is available in premium, luxury and ultra luxury paper types:

Canvas texture paper: Premium paper with texture, colors are clear and gives a premium feel. Easy to clean with wet cloth for minor dust. Standard roll width is 40 inches (101cm)

Handmade paper: Luxury type of paper with handmade paper texture, colors are clear and gives a subtle luxurious feel. Easy to clean with dry cloth for minor dust. Standard roll width is 46inches (117cm).

Sandstone paper: Super Luxury type of paper with a textured surface resembling sandstone. Easy to clean.

Also available in Silk Metallic Super Luxury paper.

Latex Printing is non-toxic, with the richness of colors maintained throughout the printing process.

Installation on dry or block wall using suitable adhesive. Refer to installation guidelines in the Blog.

Additional Information

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Canvas, Handmade, Sandstone


50 sqft, 60 sqft, 70 sqft, 80 sqft, 90 sqft, 100 sqft, 110 sqft, 120 sqft, 130 sqft, 140 sqft, 150 sqft, 160 sqft, 170 sqft, 180 sqft, 190 sqft