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Our vendor, Sian Zeng featured in Architectural Digest with Clematis wallpaper

Our vendor, Sian Zeng featured in Architectural Digest with Clematis wallpaper

The February 2023 edition of Architectural Digest US featured the room above, brought to life with Sian Zeng’s Clematis range of wallpaper. Clematis was chosen for a beautiful girl’s bedroom in the 19th-century Notting Hill home of Mario and Chantal Spannicciati. Matched with a refreshing contemporary colour palette, it creates a delicate look.  What an amazing bunk bed and we just love the contemporary light fitting too.

Clematis is one of our dreamiest designs to date. Painted at true size initially, it took eight months of intricate painting by the artist behind the brand, Sian to complete the full picture. The mural is authentically reproduced onto a luxurious fibrous non-woven material, making the tonal qualities indistinguishable from hand-painted wallpapers.

Walking the line between the imaginative and the everyday, the Clematis wall paper mural presents the tangible beauty of nature with a fairytale escape, as the intricately painted clematis climbs down to cast a magic spell in your home.

With the clematis weaving its way down, we invite you to take a nap under the canopy of flowers, the petals and vines a romantic blend of baby pink and green. it doesn’t stop when you are awake either. With its mesmerizing beauty, clematis lets your imagination run free as you envision the dreamy wonderland coming to life in front of your eyes. Your home, adorned with the magic of the outdoors becomes bright and free as the nature itself.

We think this labour of nature love is positioned perfectly as a backdrop to furniture, as the downward climb of the vines end where the room furniture, thus creating no part of the mural moving into oblivion. We love the way clematis can wind its way around the fixtures, creating an illusion of blurring the boundaries between the furniture and the wallpaper, like true wildflowers.

Alternatively, you can position the wall paper better to a solid wainscoting by removing more of the solid part at the top. Simply cut away the top part to the required length and you will find that the clematis and vines can still droop down to the solid headboard or countertops at the lower end. This also works for fashion stores or shops that can use the solid part to create accessible shelving.

As natural as it comes, Clematis is available in white, pink and blue colours.

Watch your stories come to life with Clematis !

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